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"Why be the thousandth hand knocking on a well-worn door, when you can flow through a doorway that was never really there..." From The Speaker Within

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The Speaker Within

A collection of well over two hundred of Adrian's sayings.

The sayings themselves were mused upon a bush trail, soliloquised in the bathtub, conjured in a conversation, spun in a dream, or inspired from a Reiki session.  Many of the sayings have been absorbed and re-conjugated from a variety of sources, yet nearly all come through what he came to regard as ‘The Speaker Within’, reflecting either his own growth or on what he had most to learn. 


You may decide to voyage through this book by reading from cover to cover, searching out a sub-heading relevant to you, meditating on the sayings you find pertinent, or even by holding the book in your hands, and forming a question.

“Wonderful!” Susan Haywood, author of

A Guide for the Advanced Soul.

Now available on Amazon, Booktopia and Book Depository.

Other completed books

Night of the Stallion Moons

(Young Adult Fantasy (14 +)- Book One of the Ring of Freedom Trilogy), 2020

In a Kingdom of stifling conformity held in thrall by the deadly, evil Dark Mist, a reluctant young heroine is born of hidden prophecy. Saved from her arch-nemesis, the Wolf Queen by the Silver-maned Stallion, Melandew must break every rule to unleash the Ring of Freedom. But can she find enough love to save her world from her nemesis grown to Earth-shattering proportions and shatter forever the binding sorcery of the cruel Mist?


Jess the Adventuresome (Middle-Grade adventure), 2019

With the arrival of his grandparents 'growing old most disgracefully,' Jess's life is about to get a whole lot more adventuresome.

Big Trouble on Square Planet (2020) and Biggest Ever Trouble on Square Planet (2021) Middle-Grade Comedy-drama.

Can child King Arthur save Square Planet from imminent ecological annihilation, and from the batty Sciences and Conservationist Guilds hell-bent on destroying the remaining Forest?

Pilgrims' Quest: Into the Jeopardy. Book One of the Pilgrims' Saga Trilogy  (An epic historical thriller)

Determined to regain his Christian faith in the First Century Roman Empire, can time traveller, Rob Pilgrim, succeed against overwhelming odds and regain his wife's love? His time travel sabotaged, Rob will arrive in great jeopardy in Roman Spain a decade too late to ever get back to his time.

This is a three-part novelisation of a four-part TV mini-series previously developed under professional guidance.

Books in Development

Pilgrims' Quest: The Wolves of Time. Book Two of the Pilgrims' Saga Trilogy  (An epic historical thriller)

Fleeing from certain death from Roman Spain, Rob will be forced to travel to Ancient Britain where he will meet more historical characters who will help or hinder him on his journey. Can he ever make it to the rendezvous in Jerusalem to meet Jesus's brother, James the Just, or will his impossibly slim chances of ever returning home be shattered once again?

Pilgrims' Quest: End Times. Book Three of the Pilgrims' Saga Trilogy  (An epic historical thriller)

Travelling back in time to meet up with St Paul on his way to a fateful meeting with James the Just, Rob will again barely escape with his life . But forced to time travel one last time to save his disbelieving wife, Rob will face his greatest challenge of all. 

Jake Reynolds is Real (YA [14 +].

Young Jake launches himself into a viral blog while recovering in hospital from a car accident. lt's all based around his late granddad's diary of his teenage years and unpublished young adult short stories. But what truly drives Jake's motivation?

Great Beast Rising  Freedom Burning (Young Adult Fantasy) Book Two and Three of the Ring of Freedom Trilogy.

Melandew attempts to find her missing friend in a strange new planet,  but unwittingly places herself and the Ring of Freedom within grasp of a deadly new foe from our own future world. Will she unleash cataclysmic consequences on the entire Universe as a result? 

Jesus’s Nephew (Historical drama / romance).

Can two archeologists stop the suppression of the unearthed testament to the final calamity that befell the ‘Way of Jesus,’ and reveal a love story that should never have been?

Possumtail Gym (Middle-Grade comedy)

Can Possumtail, the ringtail possum, save her Uncle Poss's all-night gym from those pesky humans keeping outrageous daylight hours in the house below?

Secret Dinosaur Business  (YA [12 +] Adventure comedy) 

Book One of Two

Can Darcy save adorable de-extinct Tyran the Tyrannosaur's and his dinosaur friends from wicked Space pirates? And will he learn from wise-child Tyran the ancient secrets of the dinosaur world?

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