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Writer / Director

Writer / director: Welcome

Adrian has directed thirteen short films including:

Journey of the Heart  (Melodrama), 2010

On this day of decision, dare still grieving widow and school principal

Helen Chamberlain, risk all for a new and dangerous love affair?













Twenty-minute short screened at Washougal International Film Festival, 2010.

Also, the producer, editor and sound designer.




Strike Out (Drama), 2005

Can Jack Rowan confront and overcome his greatest fear in a sinister, rain-drenched alley?











"Much more typical of Adrian's visual style."






Lucky's Chance.

(Short film drama in production)

Can Lucky Foster, down-and-out billionaire from when 'Greed was King,' 

find redemption before it is too late? 












Writer / co-director: Adrian Crawford. Co-director: Trevor Fleming.


Something Terrible.

(Short film rom com in post production)

It's Valentines Day night, and Josh is finally about to make the Big Move on housemate, Jade. Trouble is Jade's bestie is about to bring around her all-too-handsome workmate, Reggie as her blind date for the night. 

Writer: Adrian Crawford. Director: Josh Thompson.




Shades (Romantic Comedy).

Elderly Annette meets a mysterious, handsome stranger in her local hardware store,

but is she about to get all that her heart desires?

Writers: Sherlz and Adrian Crawford. Director: Adrian Crawford.

Future Productions

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