Writer / Director


Adrian has directed thirteen short films including:

Journey of the Heart  (Melodrama), 2010

On this day of decision, dare still grieving widow and school principal

Helen Chamberlain, risk all for a new and dangerous love affair?













Twenty-minute short screened at Washougal International Film Festival, 2010.

Also, the producer, editor and sound designer.




Strike Out (Drama), 2005

Can Jack Rowan confront and overcome his greatest fear in a sinister, rain-drenched alley?











"Much more typical of Adrian's visual style."






Bob Johnson’s Got Talent  (Comedy).

Super-egoist, wannabe actor Bob Johnson is submitting his "winning" Tropfest entry all about him.

But his long-suffering wife just happens to be doing his edit…












Writers: Sherlz and Adrian Crawford. Director: Sherlz Crawford.

Starring Adrian. Not as himself!

(Includes snippet of dance).




Shades (Romantic Comedy).

Elderly Annette meets a mysterious, handsome stranger in her local hardware store,

but is she about to get all that her heart desires?

Writers: Sherlz and Adrian Crawford. Director: Adrian Crawford.

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