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Film and Television Scripts


Film Screenplays

Film scripts in further development






One Happy Family (Psychological crime thriller), 2019

His childhood brutally erased, Detective Riddlington unknowingly investigates his own abduction. But can he triumph against the mastermind serial killer who wants him back?



Pilgrims'Quest (Treatment for a four-part TV mini-series), 2016

Determined to regain his Christian faith in First Century Judea, can time traveler, Tom Pilgrim, succeed against overwhelming odds and regain his wife's lost love?

Developed under professional guidance.

The Cattle King  (Tragedy), film script and play, 2020

Truly Forgiven (Psychological thriller), 2019

Will paroled young murderer Kane Gunn find love and redemption on grief-stricken Matthew Simpson's lonely cattle station? Or be murdered?

Better Late Than Never (Comedy), 2019

Snap-frozen in Antarctica for two hundred years, can charming First Fleet convict larrikin Jamie Bognor find love and freedom in time for Sydney's Bicentenary celebrations

"We agreed that it was a really interesting take on the crime genre and very much in the zeitgeist,"

Carly Heaton, Drama Executive, Foxtel.

"You have taken the psychological thriller and given it a depth and spirituality rarely seen in an Australian film," Mike Cowap, then Project Manager, South Australian Film Commission

Short-listed for script development by the Australian Film Commission. Runner-up for script development with the South Australian Film Commission.

Mirage (Feature film. Film noir Near-future thriller). Pending in 2022.

Can nanotechnology genius and avowed sceptic, Ted Pritchard, save the World from alien-in-femme-fatale-form, Miranda, and himself from the execution chair when she fakes her murder.

Crack in the Armour (Feature film. Adventure drama.

Back to the Future meets Robin Hood.

Drama and Promise (Web series. Drama).

Can children Destiny and Promise finally defeat the Great Adversary over two hundred years of World history as they at last win through to adulthood? 

TV Scripts

Child in Time (Near-future Time paradox thriller) Pilot for a TV series. 2021

"...has a unique voice that would make for a great US TV series," Joey Tuccio, Manager, Happy Writers / Stage 32.


Redemption River  (Feature film. Psychological thriller), 2021

Can convicted ex-armed robber Salty Reeves 'save his soul' by

rescuing a seemingly mute eight-year-old girl from ruthless criminals hell-bent on her murder? Can a doomed man be redeemed? Professionally script edited third draft now completed.

The Making of Adam Peabody (Comedy), Second Draft, 2020

Can romantically challenged fifty-something bachelor, Adam Peabody, finally succeed in finding someone who will love him for who he is? Developed under professional guidance.

Strictly Ballroom meets The Castle in a comedy for the romantically challenged. Developed under professional guidance.

Short film scripts

Lucky's Chance: Drama in post production.

Dir: Adrian Crawford and various. Completion in 2024.

Something Terrible - Rom-com in post-production.

Dir: Josh Thompson

The Curse of Zombie Mountain - Teen adventure horror comedy in preproduction. Dir: Cael Snelson in 2024.

Ghost Cut. Dir. Chris Rieckmann in 2024.

Shades. Dir. A Crawford. Slated for 2025.

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